A message from Maplelane Golden Retrievers

We have been overwhelmed with puppy requests since the beginning of Covid 19

I am writing this post to share with you all how stressful choosing our new extended families for our puppies has become.

We have received over 1500 inquiries since COVID and through every platform we can be found on. It has become a source of anxiety for us all here at the kennel.

After 30 years of breeding, 1/3 of each litter are returning clients, 1/3 are usually service dogs and then 1/3 for new families and that is about 8/10 puppies a year, so not many. We just do not have the time/resources to get back to everyone just to politely turn them down.

There for we will be closing our doors to potential families for the next few years and focus on the abundant amount of potential families we have already reached out to.

Our sincere apologies to all those who did not hear back from us.

Those we have reached out to PLEASE wait a few months for further contact from us. Keep sharing that golden love !!

Hugs from Sherri, Brad and team