Maplelane's Rainbow Bridge — Gone But Not Forgotten

This page is a testament to all we have loved and shared our lives with. Anyone who has lost a beloved Maplelane Golden, please submit your photo and testimonial if you wish.

November 5, 2005 - January 18, 2018

Molson lived a full life!
Full of people he loved - which was everyone, although he had his favorites!
Full of food he loved - which was eveything, but again he had favorites!
So many toys he was the envy of every dog on the street!
Never was there a better Ambassador to Maplelane!
Sire of 8 litters - 50 puppies - 32 boys 18 girls
Sire of several litters of C.O.P.E Service Dogs!
Rest well Molson and be ready for play time in the morning!!

April 7, 2014 - June 6, 2017

“The Traveller”
Dedicated to our youngest, Silas, our guardian Angel
The traveller came, conquered and left.

The traveller came... - like a summer breeze after a long, harsh winter, bringing warmth, comfort and hope. - like a tulip that radiates its colors and brightness all around. - like a rainbow that illuminates the dark sky after a brief shower.

The traveller conquered... - and imprinted all hearts that crossed his path with kindness and generosity. - all sadness and grief and pawed his way through. - all anger and pain with his big smile.

The traveller left... - his heart behind for all to love selflessly. - his tales of magnanimity for all to give generously. - suddenly and silently, asking nothing in return.

January 20, 2006 - August 23, 2017

Our beautiful Daisy gave us 11 1/2 years of joy and wonderful memories for our family.
We will always love her, miss her and never forget her.
See you on the Rainbow Bridge our sweet girl.

February 24, 2003 - June 29, 2017

. . . I came for a visit and decided to stay.
I was cared for and loved each and every day.
But the time has come to say goodbye.
So to see my smile, just look to the sky.
And you’ll know there’s no reason to cry!

Until we meet again…….Love Alli .

Image 1 Tracker Image 2 Tracker

October 15, 2000 - May 12, 2014

. . . for such a beautiful and wonderful dog.

We will forever treasure our beautiful memories of Tracker.
Image 3 Tucker


Came into our lives twelve years ago as a rambunctious puppy. He learned how to be a true golden at our cottage where he spent many happy days patrolling the shore line for minnows, swimming and diving for sticks from the end of the dock. He was a loyal, true companion and his passing this past January has left a void in our lives.

God Bless you my good boy and we'll meet again

Image 4 Kody


Kody has been with us since the summer of 1999. He grew up together with our children and had been a wonderful furry addition to our family. Kody was a true "gentleman" dog and at the same time also strong and sometimes stubborn. He loved his Challah treats which he regularly got every Friday night besides all the other loving attention. We believe that is one of the reasons he hung on so long for almost 15 years of his life. We all miss our beautiful boy very much and so does his little Golden "sister" Georgia.

~ The Segal Family ~

Image 5 Sable


Sadly, we said goodbye to our beloved Sable this afternoon. She blessed our family for 12 1/2 wonderful years. We loved her with all our hearts — we will miss her.

~ Terry and Tammy Smith ~

Image 6 Soul


We lost our beloved Soul, and as I sit here with Oscar at the other end of the sofa from me, I'm thinking about the last 12 years of joy, companionship, and love that our dogs have brought us. And I'm thinking of friendships. And family. And I'm so grateful.

~ Love Moira xo ~

Maplelane's Maera
November 11, 2004 to April 12, 2013

Our beautiful puppy Maera passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm at only 8 1/2 years old. She was the daughter of Joker and Lionsgate Sage of Malpelane. She was the very best dog ever. We miss her so much . . . our home and our lives are so empty without her but she gave us all her love while she was here with us.

~ Stacey Anderson ~

Image 8 Nimoosh

Maplelane's Noel Nimoosh
December 25, 2001 - April 24, 2012

Nimoosh - you were one of a kind. We miss your goofy grin, non-stop desire to play fetch, hearing you purr like a cat when we pet you, and the joy you brought to our life.

We love you !
Your family

Image 10 Mandy

March 4, 2004 - September 28, 2011

Our Beautiful Mandy Gone too soon, taking a piece of us with her.
Always in our hearts and memories.

A friend forever,
Donna, Stephen and Aryn Naylor.

Image 9 Ripkin

From Blush and Rebel

A happy go lucky dog and faithful companion. He was never more than a few feet away from me and now there is just empty space... We will always have fond memories and holes in the backyard. He loved to swim and fetch. We finally took him hunting for partridge and he was quite proud to carry that bird out of the bush (once it stopped moving). I think he had more fun trying to swim in the mud puddles on the road than the hunt itself. I will miss you, your eager smile and waggy puppy tail.

Image 11 Phineus


"Courageous, Loving and Beloved"

Image 12 Chelsea


Her mother was Abbey and she was born October 29th 1996.
She could barely walk when she left us. But she was still our puppy. We will miss her as she has been part of our family and neighbourhood since we welcomed her home. Golden's are special animals, they always leave a piece of themselves behind when they leave us.

Image 13 Dakota Blue Latanville

R.I.P. Dakota Blue Latanville
I love you my son

I am sending this email with sorrow, yesterday a piece of my heart died with my dear beloved Dakota. He died in my arms at home after fighting illness. He gave us 12 years of Heaven and I never have had such a more gentle, sweetest, lovable, beautiful dog in my life as him and I want to thank you for breeding this wonder. He was the son of CH LAMOUR'S EXPONENTIAL EQUATION (TYSON) AND MAPLELANES NEVER LET ME GO (FEATHERS) and what a son he was.
Thank you
Robyn Latanville and Family.

Image 14 Carmel


Carmel was one of the most well-rounded goldens that could be. He has been an integral part of our breeding program, siring many versatile puppies. He enjoyed a life of flyball, retriever trials, and was a performing dog on many teams such as the Superdogs and the Nutram performing dogs. Big Thank You to Bill and his family for making Carmel's last year's so enjoyable.

Image 21 Roark


Roark has been the most influential male in our breeding program to date, producing many competitive dogs and lots of great family companions. Lisa, his owner, has been a great support to the breeding program at Maplelane with her contributions in training and competing with this marvelous dog. Lisa has Roark's son Gilly as well.

Image 18 Bailey

Born February 4, 1996
Died February 4, 2009

Ch. Maplelane's Arjaygold Missey Adelle
Appleby's Classic Bogart

Greatly adored and loved by his owners Joan and David Matthews and most especially his favourite 1st pals Brooke, Dale, Andrew & Alyson. Bailey possessed a sweet and loving disposition from the start and matured into a very well-mannered, kind natured and the most loving companion anyone could ask for — all attributes of a true Golden. He was an exceptional traveler and thoroughly enjoyed his summers at the family's island in Georgian Bay.

Image 22 Missy

Maplelane's Miss Lucy in the Sky "Missy"
St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog

Missy belongs to our daughter Jennifer and she is either a bed potato or a "fetch-a-holic" not much in between for her. She's given us three litters to tally 29 puppies, and when not being a mom, she was competing with Jennifer in obedience and flyball. Missy remained with us. Missy was a great producer of quality puppies. We have Taz from her 1st litter, Hayley from her 2nd and BG from her 3rd.

Image 15 Julie

1998 - 2009

Julie died peacefully at home on July 15th surrounded by family and close friends. From the time she was a pup, Julie always loved people — especially the kids at Pilgrim Wood Public School in Oakville — and brought smiles to many faces. The following poem was chosen by our daughter Natalie as an expression of the loss we all feel in saying goodbye to our Julie.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down today.
Nothing gold can stay.

~ Robert Frost ~

Image 19 Casey

Born January 20, 1998
Died April 23, 2008

Son of Maplelane's Missy
Ch. Loretto Rupert of Stonemead

This is our beloved Casey, on his favorite footstool. He was a true Golden. Loved to run, play catch, and anything to do with water. He never met a human or animal he didn't love. Always had to have something in his mouth to greet guests with. The best natured and loving companion anyone could ever hope for. We will miss him dearly and would like to thank you for letting him come into our lives.

Image 20 Carter


Please visit Carter's memorial page

Our Special Boy

Image 17 BOSS

Bailey Olivia Sophie Stinson

" B O S S "
June 25 1999 - May 25 2009

Image 16 Baylee

Maplelane's Eddie's Pride
1999 - 2009

That wagging tail that said hello
Those big brown eyes that used to glow
That warm brown nose that was moist and sweet
That quirky head that said pet me
That golden body that was my Baylee
You were my best and loyal friend and now you're gone
Without you . . . life is empty and I am not strong
I miss your lovely golden face
Emptiness now fills this place
I will miss you and LOVE you always and forever

~ Mommy ~

Maplelane's The Devious One

Deva is from Taz and Joker. After two litters and 16 puppies, Deva was retired to Richard and Astrid Thomas to help replace the loss of their beloved Kirby (Deva is his mother). She now resides in Toronto and is a great babysitter to their new daughter Teagan.

Image 24 Harley


Heaven and Earth separate us
as Love keeps us all together.
Another star shines from the night sky;
I am a guide even in passing.
Rest easy knowing that I am in a good place, yet no place is better than home.
Life upon this world may be over,
yet to live within your memories,
your hearts, is forever.
Every moment was cherished;
every day was a wonderful gift.
You are my family, my friends,
and I couldn't ask for more.

Image 25 Wipper Sniper(Left) and KC (Right)

Wenwricks Wipper Snipper
CGC, FD, FDX, FDCH, FMX, FMCH, St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog

Snipper (left), was a Whippet who excelled in flyball and was also a St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog.

KC of Maplelane

KC (right) was a Jack Russell terrier, rescued from being put down due to temperament problems. Through a lot of love, training and flyball, she enjoyed the life she was meant for.

Image 26 Adelle

CH. Arjaygold Missy Adelle - CGN
April 9, 1991 - December 4, 2004

Adelle was our second golden. We purchased her at the age of 2 1/2 and she already had achieved her conformation title and had one litter of 13 puppies. She went on to have 2 more litters of 13 for a grand total of 39 puppies. She is is loved and missed by the Fullerton family, her son Harley and her granddaughter Maggie.

Image 27 Coby

Maplelane's Coby
May 14, 2004 - December 18, 2005

No matter how or when we lose our best friends . . .their love lasts our lifetime. A beautiful girl. A kind and gentle spirit, deeply missed by the Fricker family.

Image Rainbow Bridge

Maplelane's Abbey Road

Abbey was from the first litter we had with Adelle. She was Carmel and Missy's sister, all from the same litter. She had one litter of her own and birthed 13 puppies and we shook our heads and said — "No more for her," as it was evident she was going to be just as fertile as her mother. We kept "Sass" out of the litter. In hindsight, we should have let her have another litter as she produced 3 CH. We retired her and she moved to New Lowell, ON with Lisa Bertram, Roark and Gilly who loved her dearly.

Image Rainbow Bridge

Maplelane's Little Munchkin
November 28, 2002 - August 27, 2004

Munchie - a.k.a. The Little Lion
Loved by the Ebenhardt family, big brother Jake and little sister Daisy.

Image 30 Casey

Maplelane's Casey's Comet
October 31, 1997 - May 6, 2003

Much loved, and greatly missed by the Welsh family.

Image 31 Kirby


Kirby came into our lives and changed us forever. Even though he stayed for too short a time with us, he brought tremendous happiness. We will always keep him in our hearts. Kirby was lost to us from a complication with the anesthetic to repair a broken leg.

Love Richard and Astrid

Image 32 Angel


Angel was taken from us far too early and she is now truly an angel. She was lost to a rare kidney deformity that was unknown to her owner Monica until she was pregnant with her second litter. She did however produce one litter of wonderful puppies, and we have Joker to remember her by.

Image 33 Spirit Image 33 Beethoven

Maplelane's Libra Spirit
Spirit & Beethoven

Maplelane's Beethoven's Song
Spirit & Beethoven

Both of these young dogs were lost in a tragic car accident.

They crossed the Rainbow Bridge together.

Image 36 Riley


We had to say goodbye to our boy "Riley." He lived a full and happy life, camping, swimming and of course licking the plates in the dishwasher. He took after his Mommy Alli. We are so grateful to have had him for 13 1/2 wonderful years. He will be missed by his family and of course his little brother Jasper.

Andy and Tami (Mommy and Daddy )

Image 37 Alli

Rightchoice's Coor's Light
CD, CGC, St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog

I have lost the most consistent presence in my life for the past 16 1/2 years and in that time period she played many roles and wore many hats (literally). From the babysitter, Jennifer's torturous dress-up days, putting up with all my training experiments to teaching all our dogs manners, and those manners included that if there was any food to be had, it was hers! She would even guard the garbage because if she couldn't have it nobody could. She was a true ambassador to her breed and I am very grateful for all she gave me, she was responsible for showing me where all my hopes, dreams and goals lay. She is at the top of my gratitude list forever.