Building the Foundation of Maplelane

Image Maplelane's Down To Earth' Sent To Test Me

Maplelane's Tippy Toes — Missy

Wow! Off to retirement! We are so happy for Missy to be living out her life with the Wikkiens family and her cousin Lucy. Missy produced 29 Maplelane puppies in three litters, Febo OFA excellent, Misty OFA good and Jigger OFA excellent.

Maplelane's Get the Joke, CGN, St. Johns Abulance Therapy — Molson

Molson is from Tilly and Joker and has been a bonus to our breeding program. He has a wonderful Golden temperament and loves to retrieve. Molson lives with Brenda and Jay and comes back to visit us often.

Image Maplelane's Oh Mercy Me, CGN Image Maplelane's Oh Mercy Me, CGN

Mplelaane's Oh Mercy Me, CGN — Mercy

Mercy is from Porsche and Joker and holds a special place in our hearts. After losing Porsche in the fire Mercy is our only offspring from her. She has been a wonderful addition to our breeding program and has produced many sound, beautiful puppies. Mercy has a wonderfully soft temperament and loves life. Hips, eyes, heart, and blood screened. Mercy has gone to live with her daughter and the McGuire Family.

Image Maplelane's Down To Earth' Sent To Test Me

Maplelane's Down To Earth' Sent To Test Me — Tanzy

Tansy is from Essie and Joker. Tansy proved to be a great producer. She has many beautiful puppies passing on her great head and structure. Tansy has did well in the show ring, when she is not busy with her puppies. She will be having one more litter then she will be retiring. Hips, eyes, heart and blood screened.

Image Maplelane's Rally

Maplelane's Rally — Rally

Rally is from Shayla and Eslana Game Boy of Stonemead WCI JH. Rally, Tracker's Sister, is an unbelievable girl. She has the structure and temperament with the mental ability to do it all — this is one amazing girl! Rally is dark in colour, with great bone and coat and her favourite trick is to bounce beside you and lick your face without touching you on the way up, because she knows she can't jump on people but just can't help herself! ! ! Hips, eyes, heart and blood screened.

Image Maplelane's In Tyme — Ginger

Maplelane's In Tyme — Ginger

Ginger is from Sage and Joker's last litter.

Ginger is a beautiful girl and has been cleaning up in the show ring. She has produced 2 litters so far and we look forward to her future here at Maplelane. Ginger has the perfect Golden temperament and is very easy going. Hips, eyes, heart and blood screened.

Image Maplelane's Morning Breeze — Breeze

Maplelane's Morning Breeze — Breeze

Breeze is from Tilly and Joker. Breeze produced 2 litters of 12 puppies and gave us Kaos and Jaida. She is now spayed and lives with Gayla McDonald and Shamus.

Image Maplelane's Extra Spicy — Kimber

Maplelane's Extra Spicy — Kimber

Kimber is the offspring of Sage and Joker. Kimber was an excellent addition to our breeding program. She produced many outstanding offspring. Kimber is now retired and lives in Yellow Knife with her son Keeper and Lin Maus.

Image Maplelane's Simmer It Down — Simmy

Maplelane's Simmer It Down — Simmy

Simmy is from Tilly and Joker. Simmy now enjoys the retirement life with her mother Tilly and George and Susan Cohon. She gets to spend her weekdays in Toronto, her weekends in the country and her winters in Florida. What a life ! ! ! Simmy will be greatly missed.

Image Ch. Maplelane's The Jokers Wild CGN — Joker

Ch. Maplelane's The Jokers Wild CGN — Joker

Never was one of our puppies so well named. What a temperament! He showed beautifully in conformation to quickly achieve his CH (Canadian Champion). He is an incredibly agile dog, able to walk standing on hind legs for 15 feet. His career in agility has already begun, as well as being a new stud dog for us. From American lines, he is of medium build and colour. Hip, eye, heart, and blood screening available.

Image Maplelane's Vintage Blush

Maplelane's Vintage Blush — Blush

After producing 32 puppies, and a survivor of our tragic house fire, Blush was sent to her forever home with Richard and Amy Wright. Blush spends her retirement days at the cottage and going for hikes and it is well deserved.

Image Maplelane's Tattle Tales — Tilly Master Goose Control Dog

Maplelane's Tattle Tales — Tilly
Master Goose Control Dog

It is with a sad heart that the time has come for Tilly to be retired from our breeding program. What an incredible producer she has been. . . 26 puppies with the true golden temperament. She will be greatly missed, however she could not have gone to a better home. Tilly now resides with George and Susan Cohon. She gets to spend weekdays in Toronto, weekends in the country and winters in Florida, and she deserves it. Thank you George and Susan.

Lyonscreek Sage of Maplelane — Sage

Lyonscreek Sage of Maplelane — Sage
Goose Control Dog In Training

After giving us 32 wonderful puppies, all sired by Joker. Sage now resides with Joanne Smith and her family in Coburg. Sage now has a wonderful life with her son Buddy.

rebel rebel

Stonemead's Rebel of Maplelane — Rebel
Goose Dog In Training

Rebel, what a fetch! Hose water crazy dog. Rebel sired 36 puppies for us but was retired early as we were unclear on some of the genetics he produced. Rebel now resides with one of our co-op students, Samantha Hamill.

Image Maplelane's Shayla

Maplelane's Shayla

"Shayla" from BG and Roark, brought to us 37 glorious puppies. With many puppies competing in many doggy activities and going on to accomplish many things. Shayla was sent to stay with John and Katie Quinlan who shared in our losses that devastating day. Her job was to comfort and that is what she has done. John and Shayla are constant companions and she will now spend the rest of her days at John's side.

Maplelane's Geronimo Katch CGC — Katch

Maplelane's Geronimo Katch CGC — Katch

Katch was one of our foundation stud dogs and of English lines. He sired many puppies for outside kennels and we have Tansy from Katch and Feathers to carry on our English side. Katch has been retired from our kennel and now resides with the Fisher family in Cookstown. ON where he travels to work with Connie every day and has a great life with his family.

Image Maplelane's Jesse Jane

Maplelane's Jesse Jane — Jesse CGN

After producing four litters with 32 puppies it was time for Jesse to become the human-pleaser she always wanted to be. She now resides in Lefroy with her son Marble and my sister Kristine and her family.

Image Maplelane's Lucky Lady BG

Maplelane's Lucky Lady — BG

Our resident "mini" Golden gave us 13 puppies and is the mother to Shayla. BG now resides in Barrie with the Lacobellis family and is Nunzio's constant companion.

Image Maplelane's Never Let Me Go — Feathers

Maplelane's Never Let Me Go — Feathers

Feathers, also one of our foundation girls from our second generation, gave us 18 puppies in four litters. We have Tansy now to carry on in her mother's pawsteps in keeping our English lines alive. Feathers now lives with the McKenna family in Oakville, ON and she enjoys a wonderful life that includes swimming once a week and puppy sitting for Sherri.

Maplelane's Tazmanian Devil CGC, FD, FDX, FDCH — Taz

Maplelane's Tazmanian Devil CGC, FD, FDX, FDCH — Taz

A truly sad loss to our breeding program was the retirement of Taz. A fabulous flyball dog and great producer of 37 puppies. She now resides in Brampton with the Youngs and their son Stanley.


CH Maplelane's Cassiopiea Night CGC, FD, FDX, FDCH — Sass

Sass was the first of our third generation to retire. She had three litters and produced 25 puppies. It didn't take her long to finish her conformation championship, but her real love was a tennis ball. Sass excelled at the sport of flyball. She now lives with the Smiths in Colgon, ON along with Parker her cousin. We have Porsche from her second litter and are having a hard time naming her, as they are so much alike, including the tennis ball fetish! Tilly is from her last litter and our hopes are high for these girls, who have a hard act to follow.